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Clegg vs. Ontario has been Settled. What does it mean for former residents?

July 18, 2016 Fast Facts

A Class Action suit was settled in April.  The suit deals with the Ontario government’s negligence in certain care facilities.

These facilities housed people labelled with intellectual disabilities during the sixties through to the nineties.

Reports from the facilities told of widespread overcrowding, unsanitary conditions, neglect, and isolation. Also verbal, physical and sexual abuse has been documented.

The class action is called Clegg vs. Ontario

Persons who lived at the facilities listed below during the time period specified may be entitled to submit a claim.  Also, the estates of people who lived in these facilities during specified times may be part of the lawsuit if the person died after June 16th, 2012.

The Facilities

• St. Lawrence Regional Centre in Brockville between April 1, 1975 and June 30, 1983

• D’Arcy Place in Cobourg between September 1, 1963 and December 31, 1996

• Adult Occupational Centre in Edgar between January 1, 1966 and March 31, 1999

• Pine Ridge in Aurora between September 1, 1963 and August 31, 1984

• Muskoka Centre in Gravenhurst between August 28, 1973 and June 30, 1993

• Oxford Regional Centre in Woodstock between April 1, 1974 and March 31, 1996 or in the “Mental Retardation Unit” or “MR Unit” of the Oxford Mental Health Centre between January 1, 1969 and March 31, 1974

• Midwestern Regional Centre in Palmerston between September 1, 1963 and March 31, 1998

• L.S. Penrose Centre in Kingston between April 1, 1974 and March 31, 1977

• Bluewater Centre in Goderich between April 1, 1976 and December 20, 1983

• Durham Centre for Developmentally Handicapped in Whitby between April 1, 1974 and September 28, 1986

• Prince Edward Heights in Picton between January 1, 1971 and December 31, 1999

• Northwestern Regional Centre in Thunder Bay between April 1, 1974 and March 31, 1994


There are three important deadlines for those who want to apply.

September 27th 2016 is the deadline to request documentation from any of the facilities.   Apparently you should expect a 3 month delay on such requests.

December 28th 2016 is the deadline for production of documents from the facilities.

February 28th 2017 is the deadline to submit a claim.

There is more detailed information on this class action and how to submit claims at

ARCH provides a range of legal services to people with disabilities who live in Ontario, disability advocacy organizations, and the legal profession.   You can call ARCH to make an appointment for help with your claim. 

Help in Hamilton

There will also be ARCH appointments in Hamilton this Thursday, July 21st at Community Living Hamilton, 191 York Blvd, Hamilton.

Please contact Kathia Francia at or 905-528-0281 to book an appointment.

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