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Improving Wages and Working Conditions in Ontario

April 10, 2014 Poverty Reduction

Fight for $14 on the 14th

For many months activists have been gathering on the 14th day of the month to fight for a $14 minimum wage.

Next Monday that fight continues in Toronto with an action at Queen and Bay (Outside Starbucks).

Earlier this year the provincial government announced plans to raise the minimum wage to $11.00 an hour beginning on June 1st.  The government also tabled legislation (Bill 165) which would index the minimum wage so that each year it would be adjusted to the rate of inflation.

While an $11 minimum wage is a step in the right direction it will still leave full time workers 16% below the poverty line.will leave full-time workers fully 16% below the poverty line will The Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage is organizing this event.    The Campaign notes that:

“It is more critical than ever that our fight for $14 continues and that we demand that MPPs support Bill 165 which indexes the minimum wage to inflation.”

Find out more at

Decent Work Decent Lives 

In addition to the minimum wage campaign, advocates are also fighting to improve wages and working conditions for temp workers and people in precarious work.

According to the Workers Action Centre (WAC), Temp workers get paid 40% lower than permanent workers who are doing the same job, often at minimum wage jobs.

WAC has a campaign called Decent Work Decent Lives. 

How can you support that campaign?

Right now, in addition to Bill 165, there are at least three other pieces of legislation that have been introduced at Queen’s Park which would help support decent work and decent lives. They are: 

  • Bill 146 – Stronger Workplace for a Stronger Economy
  • Bill 159 - Employment Standards Amendments Act - Temporary Help
  • Bill 161 –Ontario Immigration Act

Each one of these bills can be improved.  Take a look at to find out how. Support these initiatives by attending Monday’s event at Queen and Bay (Outside Starbucks).  It starts at noon.

If you can’t attend:

• Sign the petition at and/or• Contact your MPP and tell them you support Decent Work.




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