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Poverty Reduction Consultation is Beginning

July 29, 2013 Poverty Reduction

Heading into last weekend the provincial government announced that its on line and public discussions on the Provincial Poverty Reduction strategy will start soon.

In a letter, Poverty Reduction Cabinet Committee Chairs Teresa Piruzza and Ted McMeekin wrote:

We will begin in-person consultations the week of August 6th in our home communities of Windsor and Hamilton...”

In December 2008 the first Poverty Reduction Strategy was approved with the support of all three provincial parties who held seats in the Legislature That strategy established the goal of reducing child poverty by 25 per cent over 5 years.

That target will not be met. The government seems to attribute this disappointing result to an “uncertain economic climate.”

Nevertheless, the government continues to believe in the value of ambitious targets. These targets acted as “something to strive toward, raised the bar for success, and set the foundation for future work,” as pointed out on the Ministry of Community and Social Services website.

Minister Piruzza (Children and Youth Services) and Minister McMeekin (Community and Social Services) write that consultations will continue in communities across the province until October 4th, 2013. These sessions will be independently facilitated and hosted by members of the cabinet committee.

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