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RCF Tenants - Your Voice is Needed at the Table

May 3, 2017 Make Change

Have you heard of the Coalition of Residential Care Facilities Tenants?

The Coalition of Residential Care Facilities Tenants was formed in September 1995.  The group’s goal is to educate tenants (at that time called residents) about their rights and responsibilities.

Join with us as we inform, educate and engage tenants, defend our rights and advocate for improved conditions so that we may live with dignity.

The Coalition recently set up an information table at the Mental Health Week barbecue held at City Hall on Tuesday, May 2.

After years of meeting at the Housing Help Centre, the Coalition is re-forming and looking for new members.

Specifically, we are looking for current and former tenants from residential care facilities to join the group.  Your voice is needed at the table.

The next meeting is

                                                      Tuesday May 16th 9:30 – 11:30

                                                      at the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic

                                                          100 Main Street East 2nd Floor

Can’t make it but would like to join the group?

Or, perhaps you want to know more about the Coalition.

Contact the committee by calling Bob at 905-527-4572 extension 36.   

Personal Needs Allowance

The Coalition has always been concerned about the inadequacy of the personal Needs Allowance.  New research by McMaster’s Ashleigh Patterson concludes that the Personal Needs Allowance is 'definitely not enough.'

We’ve designed an infographic that talks about this issue.   You can view ii here. /uploads/Infographic (2).pdf



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