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Short Notice for Poverty Consultation

August 1, 2013 Poverty Reduction

More details are emerging regarding consultations on the province’s Poverty Reduction Strategy. It begins next week in Windsor and Hamilton.

Howard Elliott, Chair of the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction, has e-mailed stakeholders, supporters and friends of the Roundtable to inform them that the Hamilton consultation is being held Friday, August 9, 1:00-4:00 p.m. at RBG headquarters in Burlington.

In the e-mail Elliott apologizes for the short notice but as he points out the Roundtable only “learned about the meeting in the last day or so.”

As we commented in an earlier post on this blog, the short notice and the inconvenient time of the year when this process is beginning doesn’t bode well for the consultation as it kicks off.

The Roundtable, however, is hoping to set up another meeting where the public can participate. They’re looking at the possibility of the afternoon of September 13th. That’s not firmed up yet. But the plan is to invite the Premier, Ministers, Opposition Leaders and local MPPs to the event.

In his e-mail Elliott has confirmed that Veritas Communications will be facilitating the August 9th event.

Veritas whose clients include the CBC, McCain’s Pizza, Target stores and many others is known as a “branding specialist.” They’ve trademarked the slogan Influencing the Influencers™ to describe their work. According to their website they pride themselves “in being earned media specialists that leverage the credibility of third-parties to protect and amplify a company or brand.”

To us Veritas seems an odd choice to facilitate this important social policy consultation. Perhaps the government has in mind using this expertise to raise the profile of the issue of poverty. That would be a good idea.

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