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Work Related Benefit

May 12, 2015 Poverty Reduction

Starting in October, people on ODSP will lose the Work-Related Benefit.

This benefit provides $100 per month to each person in an ODSP family who has earnings from a job, a training program or self employment.  This benefit began in 2006 to provide an incentive for people on ODSP to work and help with ongoing additional costs that come with working.

We wrote about this issue in January in a post entitled ODSP Changes and You Can Help.  In that post we encouraged people on ODSP to tell how this change would impact them.  (See Over 500 people from more than 100 Ontario communities responded to this request from the ODSP Action Coalition and the Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC).

We have pulled out three quotes from their report.  They come from people on ODSP and give a sense of how important the work related benefit is to them.  

1. “Every time I see that figure on paper, I feel ODSP understands. I have health care costs I     need to pay in order to work. I cannot just live near my job. I have been a loyal employee for 20+ years and may have to quit without it. I am part of the community and should not be alienated from it.`

2. "I will have a very difficult time affording bus tickets to take the bus to work…I don`t know how I will be able to afford to work anymore.``

3. "I have very little hope for my future and what positives I have in my life that I am living, at my best effort, will be taken away. I find this very depressing for me to endure.”

You can read the full survey methodology and results at

Please go our Make Change page to find out more about this issue and what you can do about it.

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