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Board and Staff

Board of Directors

Board members share the goals of the clinic in serving the diverse legal needs of low income Hamiltonians. The Board is responsible to the community for the services provided by the clinic.  The Board is also responsible to Legal Aid Ontario for the use of funding dollars.

Board members for 2017-18: 

Hina Saeed (Chair)

Deepa Dayal

Sophie Adair

John Ariyo

Sandi Bell

John Mills

Lil Acevedo

Chelsea MacDonald

Sebastien Skrobos

Simon Lebrun

Debbie Callan

Clinic Staff

Our clinic is staffed by lawyers, community legal workers, support staff, community development workers and volunteers. The Executive Director is Hugh Tye.

Staff members as of  November 3, 2017 are:


Andrew Bomé                                      Annie Law                   

Brendan Jowett                                    Samuel Mason

Josh Carson                                         Marla Brown

Sharon Crowe                                      Mélissa Loïzou 

Stephanie Cox                                      Ali Naraghi 

Nadine Watson

Human Rights Legal Support (Satellite)

Rani Khan

Community Legal Workers

Deya Benavides                                             Cat Cayuga
Constanza Duran                                            Donna Eaton
Jérome Pômmier

Support Staff

Mouna Bile                          Melissa Borkovich               Dhara Shah                                                     

Nelly Sinclair                         Lysa Springer                     Sylvia Blacklock                                               

Shannon Angrish                           

Community Development Workers

Maria Antelo                                                     Bob Wood

Indigenous Justice Co-ordinator

Lyndon George

Social Worker

Gopal Banerjee

Management Team:

Lindsay Beckham                                             
Mickey Capuano                                              Judy MacKay
Mike Ollier                                                        Hugh Tye

Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction Team

Laura Cattari                                                    Jennifer Chivers
Tom Cooper

Strategic Plan

In September 2013 the Hamilton Community Legal Clinic/Clinique juridique communautaire de Hamilton presented its new Strategic Plan at its Annual General Meeting.

The Board of Directors worked diligently for more than a year to develop a Strategic Plan that will guide the new amalgamated clinic for the next two years. (Hamilton’s three community legal clinics amalgamated in 2010 after over 30 years of service.)

Strategic Goal 1 Establish, develop and strengthen relationships with groups that advocate for under-served populations.

  • Specific culturally appropriate training for Board and staff regarding under-served populations.
  • Identify and invite groups to engage with us.
  • Produce educational materials for identified groups.

Strategic Goal 2  Enhance visibility and accessibility of Clinic services.

  • Create, develop and maintain partnerships with agencies to improve access to Clinic services.
  • Develop a marketing plan.

Strategic Goal 3  Strengthen the effectiveness of the community-based Clinic model.

  • Work with the Southwest Region of clinics to increase collaboration.
  • Support implementation of the Association of Community Legal Clinics of Ontario (ACLCO) Strategic Plan.
  • Determine an appropriate mechanism to evaluate the impact of service delivery.
  • Continue to nurture relationships with community partners.
  • Share community achievements with stakeholders through established communication strategies.